My presentations vary according to the age or grade level of the audience, but the one constant is the Power Point Presentation.   Through it, I discuss my schooling experience from grade school through college, my development as an artist, and the great impact teachers have had in my life. I encourage kids to discover the “gift” that each has been given, and to work hard to develop their gift into a lifelong love and passion. I stress the importance of reading, learning, and overcoming obstacles in life.

The Presentation provides a visual history of my artwork, from a 1st grade portrait of Snoopy, to the # 1 New York Times bestselling  children’s picture book “Bad Dog, Marley!” Also included is artwork from college and the span of my professional career.

I talk about the process of illustrating, explaining how and where I work. Through a series of images, the audience can see an illustration evolve from the concept stage to a finished piece of artwork.

The Power Point Presentation inevitably leads to great Q&A times. Depending on time and scheduling, I follow up the Q&A time with “draw-along,” reading, book signing, or a time for me spend with  smaller groups of students chosen for their aptitude and/or interest in art.


I have been invited to speak to small groups of students selected for their interest or talent in art and writing, to individual classes and whole grades, to large school assemblies and even larger community events. The ages of students have ranged from the youngest elementary students, to middle and high school students, to college level art students. I have also presented at public events open to people of all ages, anyone with an interest in books, reading, writing, and illustrating.


I have presented in elementary and middle schools, high schools and colleges, in school libraries, classrooms, and gymnasiums, to public libraries, coffee houses, bookstores, and community centers.

Draw Along

I ask that the students (and teachers!) attending my presentation bring paper and pencils or crayons with them, and we have a “draw along”. I take them step by step through creating a portrait of my favorite dog, Marley. This has been a huge hit with the kids, (and adults!). Everyone leaves with a beautiful piece of artwork and a big smile. Typically the kids are so proud of their drawing, and are eager to get it home to show it off and have it displayed on the fridge.

Book Signings

As time permits, I am available to sign and personalize books. A list of books I have illustrated can be provided upon request.


Fee is negotiable. Honorarium based on time considerations and number of presentations. Extra expenses: mileage, meals, hotel*, airfare* (* if applicable).